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While you may contact us online, you may not retain us online. In order to represent you, we need to run a conflict check; consider your needs and your situation; and provide you with our preliminary thoughts on the nature and cost of what we propose to do. This requires us to connect and interact with you, either in person or on the phone.

Your matter - and every matter - is unique. The decades of practice experience our attorneys possess have exposed them to processes, courts, other counsel, and fact patterns of many kinds and characters. This experience helps our attorneys to more quickly identify your needs, and determine how the firm might best address them. However, let us be clear: though our experience will help us more quickly and more efficiently analyze and address the challenges you face, your matter, like every other case we have handled, has facets and characteristics which make it unique.

This website does not contain, and does not provide you with, legal advice. An attorney provides thoughtful advice after he or she has been retained, after the facts and evidence are gathered, and after that information is analyzed in light of the applicable laws. Since all matters are unique, it is not possible for this evaluation to be done in the context of a website. It can be done only after formal retention occurs.