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Commercial litigation is not always the best way to resolve a business dispute. Litigation can be costly, protracted and at times counter-productive. For this reason, many businesses seek some form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to settle their case. Mediation is one of the least adversarial forms of ADR, but although it is friendlier than a courtroom, it is still important to have experienced legal counsel on your side to prepare and advise you through the proceeding.

At Schmidt & Barbrow, PC, we have over 60 years of combined experience helping clients reach innovative and practical resolutions to legal disputes. Our lawyers are honest, straightforward, professional, and down to earth. We regularly handle even the most difficult and complex cases in a wide range of judicial settings, and we put our in-depth experience to work to develop personalized solutions for each client we serve.

Mediation for Commercial Disputes

Mediation is often preferred over other forms of dispute resolution because it allows the parties to decide for themselves how their issues will be resolved. The setting is less formal than a courtroom, with a third party mediator serving as a facilitator and encouraging communication that is likely to lead the parties to a settlement. Unlike binding arbitration, the mediator does not have the authority to rule on the dispute; he/she can only facilitate and encourage discussion between the two parties.

Before the session, the attorney prepares all the necessary paperwork for the client and advises the client on what to expect. During mediation, the attorney advocates for his or her client by outlining strengths at the clien's case and answered his or her opponent's claims and positions. The merits of the case are significant during mediation, but at the end of the day, the only way for a settlement to be reached is for both parties to agree to it. This can often motivate both sides to find a creative solution in order to avoid a costly court battle.

While mediation may be the initial path that parties choose in an attempt to resolve a dispute, mediation sometimes may be utilized even though a matter has been placed in suit. Whether a matter in suit should be paused, as it were, to allow for mediation, and when this request should be made depends on each case's unique facts and circumstances. Schmidt & Barbrow, PC lawyers have the skill and experience to help clients choose the most advantageous and cost-effective path.

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If you are involved in a legal dispute, mediation may be two of the most cost-effective ways to reach a positive resolution. To find out if this is a viable option in your case, contact our office today at 630-690-0100 for a personalized consultation with one of our senior attorneys.

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